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04,Apr,21 18:56
Quand tu sais qu'il vas boire cul-sec et gerber 5min après

19,Mar,21 17:28
nice click....
healthy hair tips for men

31,Jan,21 00:25
What would Aliens think if they landed in Europe.

21,Jan,21 02:02
and the silverware is gone!

10,Jan,21 07:36
You burn the coal you pay the toll.
Mudshark sunglasses are evidence of this.

10,Jan,21 07:35
>Bashing women causes them to lose their goo
>d looks ...... Her husband is gay .

She's a mudshark

09,Nov,20 16:57
Also orange inside!

12,Sep,20 08:47
LMAO, Good Stuff.

12,Sep,20 08:45
Love it, Love it,Love it.

26,Aug,20 18:11
The dems can't be serious. They really could find much better candidates if they were serious. Come on now. Last time it was Hillary -- that campaign was so ridiculous it was hilarious, then she was deathly ill, I think she died because noone's seen her for eons now -- they had a fake body double going around for a while, how disengenuous can you get -- trying to pass off an imposter, LOL OMG. Now this clown? They must have a good (but warped) sense of humor. This is what makes me wonder if Mr T is really their guy, because they're not even putting up a fight, what a joke, we're supposed to believe this is real?

26,Aug,20 18:03
Not much in media about climate change these days. [change as in money LOL.] Now that they got their tax & control scheme laws passed there's no more hysteria about it, we were all going to die yesterday but no big deal now! Besides, they're busy with their lie-rus hoax right now.

29,Jun,20 09:48
Super Old Man Funny Image

25,Apr,20 03:47
The solution to all the worlds' problems is to unite and help each other -- start civics groups.

25,Apr,20 03:31
Virus hoax is probably cover story for 5G rollout, in case it kills alot of people, they can blame it on the virus, because they want that system regardless of how many people die. Nice folks they are eh?

15,Apr,20 07:20
Beware of dogs

06,Apr,20 05:52
Now that's what it means to bend over backwards.

20,Mar,20 17:46
this email belong to a scammer

13,Mar,20 16:15
Zoom in on the words on the bus. I made this because of teachers thete touching students inappropriately.

05,Feb,20 03:43

03,Feb,20 22:58
People who hate America

03,Feb,20 22:54
Not everything should be made into a joke.

27,Jan,20 10:54
>her parents must be so proud :))))
I thought she was your daughter ???

27,Jan,20 10:54
>please take your trash with you when you leave the
> park.
no, that's someone elses job

27,Jan,20 10:27
some one elses loser

27,Jan,20 10:24
equal 28 times a bunch of sausages

27,Jan,20 10:19
youre a fucking muslim, no one will employ you.

27,Jan,20 09:45
should have thought about this shit before you fucked some random dude without protection

27,Jan,20 09:22
its just a fucking car parking, it will be gone in second, and who's it really hurting???

27,Jan,20 00:45
Is that maxine waters?

07,Jan,20 22:50
Hahaha is that a rotting corpse?

06,Jan,20 20:57
What a fucking ugly bitch! Is she dead? What the fuck is wrong with her??? LMFAO!!!

06,Jan,20 19:20

06,Jan,20 18:29
She think she's beautiful and looks like Marilyn Monroe lmao

06,Jan,20 18:28
Ugly bitch lol

25,Nov,19 19:43
unicorn blood fart

14,Nov,19 20:49
some one tell the derp to pull its pants up

05,Oct,19 19:40

20,Jun,19 01:51
>l think this is a bloke off showyourdick *lix*
That's what I thought lol *aussieman*

13,Jun,19 23:40
Stroke it hard

08,Jun,19 10:11
A crasy Journal by omid OH lala!

12,May,19 16:55

12,May,19 16:54
I wonder..does trump need a bed time story at night?

17,Apr,19 23:07
More dumb

17,Apr,19 23:06
Very dumb

17,Apr,19 23:06

28,Feb,19 00:17
I have this sissys xhamster

28,Feb,19 00:17

11,Jan,19 21:25
Great album. Oi! Oi! Oi!

11,Jan,19 20:37
She's hot, brah.

02,Dec,18 15:35
This is nice. Not sure what's so funny about it, though.

29,Nov,18 11:36
Kinda transfixed on those white legs tbh

15,Oct,18 05:26
trump must be better at killing 2 birds with one bullet

15,Oct,18 00:58
Great Stocking stuffer!

10,Oct,18 11:50
l think this is a bloke off showyourdick *lix*

03,Oct,18 21:10
Created by matti

31,Aug,18 17:44
I LOVE his costume!!!

04,Aug,18 09:24
you suck mechanic man

04,Aug,18 08:48
I'm ITTY and I approved this shirt.

04,Aug,18 08:39
ha ha kirk can wipe his ass with it

04,Aug,18 08:27
Fap fap fap.