The Scream

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The  Scream

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    04 Nov,12 05:35
    Guten Tag Elvira Schauble from Endy in Ballarat , Lake Wendouree is now full ...... Das ist gut Mein Freline Danke .

    04 Nov,12 10:07
    Endy in Ballarat says " This is the left tail light of a 1958 Pontiac ". What does PONTIAC stand for ? Poor old Nazi thinks it's a Cadillac .

    05 Nov,12 05:30
    This 1958 Pontiac was in such excellent condition , the insurance rates would also be a scream .

    05 Nov,12 09:34
    Red eyes need Visene ,

    07 Nov,12 06:06
    And this is what Elvira Schauble looked like when I told her that I was very keen on marrying her doppelganger named Sandra Hennessy .

    08 Nov,12 03:07
    I've seen Elvira Schauble on facebook . She looks like that naked woman saying : " I'll never wear a blindfold again " ! ....... Danke .

    13 Nov,12 05:54
    This tail light is from a 1958 Pontiac . Elvira Schauble is a B M W ...... Beautifull Maillol Woman ...... Oui .

    24 Sep,13 02:22
    American cars of the late 1950s , they'll never be as good , or as bad again .

    03 Nov,13 05:32
    This 1958 Pontiac was at Lake Wendouree last year and not this year .

    21 Mar,14 10:57
    In The TV show " Doctor Blake Mysteries " which is made in Ballarat , a girls' dead body was thrown in this here Lake Wendouree . They are dumkopfs it would have been a better idea to dump the dead girls' body down the 600 foot deep mineshaft in Mount Helen , five miles South of Ballarat . As a naughty boy I used to throw rocks down this mineshaft and you could not hear the ka thump from the bottom of the mineshaft .

    10 Apr,14 12:34
    Have you heard the rumours that Yellowstone is about to erupt ? During the 2014 Winter kids will be ice skating on Lake Wendouree .

    28 Mar,15 04:28
    Ne juif voir l'Holocauste film Jennifer Lopez ? A la fin du film , elle se souvient d'avoir ete ....... le bas ( bottom , arse , bum ) de la chambre a gaz .

    28 Mar,15 11:12
    Lachen uber diesen witz Elvira Schauble ...... Warum haben die Juden' haus zertort durch termiten ? ...... Sie nicht mehr erinnert ....... Endy

    19 Apr,15 01:08
    Witz fur Elvira Schauble : Schwazer mann in Gettysberg Bayern bittet um geld fur seine kinder ernahren und bekommt nichts . Am nachiten Tag er bettelt um geld zu gehen nach Afrika ....... Bekommt genug geld fur ein Rolls Royce ..... Danke .

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