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    01 Feb,12 20:37
    There is no need for me to bother . I know that woman sunbaking with the blindfold on and who has received the most comments ....... She lives near Basel Switzerland .

    15 Aug,12 04:57
    I saw this woman on Friday night 2012 July 13th at Buccaneers Bar @ the Bluff.
    She was at the top level where all the tables are. She was so drunk and still drinking. lol
    She must have been desperate. She was all over a male with grey hair that could have been her uncle, then all over 2 youngsters sucking their faces. But the best was the making out with some fat butch with peroxide short hair

    27 Oct,12 09:34
    Miguel Nunes you are sick. May your day come soon. Because of you she killed herself and I pray to GOD that justice is served. May you burn in hell.

    12 Dec,12 17:42
    What did u just see her body, hahaha. Idiot, get a life and move on. Live ur life and stop hurting other people because you get some sick satisfaction out of it. May God bless and forgive u because I do.

    06 Mar,13 08:37
    Obviously this Miguel Nunes fella is a real tosser, who actually does things like this, he is a moron, and should be dealt with.... i hope someone does something like this to him so he can feel what it feels like tosser...

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